Stone Lords

Blue collar workers abandoned in a destroyed district.


Made up of former construction workers and other blue collar people of the West End cut out of the relocation. Residing in the failed West End Mall complex the Lords have carved out a small city within a city having repurposed abandoned solar panels and rain collectors to power the mall the city estimates there are some two hundred people living inside the mall under the rule of the Lords.

During the events of the Rise and Fall of Next their leader Abraham was killed. This has led to internal struggles within the gang and only hardened their stance on Metahumans.

Leader: ???


The initial meeting with the Stone Lords portrayed them as very isolationist and heavily fortified. They are afraid of Next calling them freaks and monsters. They only allowed Psi-Kick into their Mall.

The Stone Lord Headquarters is a rebuilt mall with a 5 story lattice work of girders on one side. The tower appears to work as a crows nest and mounting framework for a number of solar panels.

The mall is rung by cranes and bulldozers to keep unwanted guests out.

The roof of the mall and food court atrium has been converted into gardens and green houses. The rest of the interior has been gutted and turned into make shift markets and apartments.

Stone Lords

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