River Boyz

River Surfers and party crashers always looking for a good time.


Generally found by the old dock the River Boyz are somewhere between surfers and bikers Of course the Mo doesn’t get good waves so a favorite pastime is to swim out to larger ships and surf the wake.

Leader: Go Go


The least defended of the three older gangs. The group seemed more like a rave out of control than a coordinated force to be reckoned with. Free wheeling there was much open drug use at the party, along with a fair amount of bad surfer music remixed into bad techno.

Infesting the old dock embankment the gang used explosives to create waves they would then surf.

The Leader Go Go, like the rest of his Boyz seemed more willing to talk than other gang leaders. He also seemed a bit more plugged in to what was actually going on between Next and the 8th Street Crew. He also showed little regard for public safety when showing off a Luminescent Rifle.

River Boyz

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