Hyper Intelligent Tecnopath


Tecnica aka Teresa “TK” Ross
Campaign: Metahumans Rising
Power Level: Classic

She is the daughter of Doctor Karen Ross, a retired Metahuman known as Lifespark, and Police Detective John Ross. From a very young age she was exceptionally smart and skilled at crafting things, capable of taking apart and rebuilding many of the household appliances. Her life was simple and happy until the day her mother was killed in a gang drive-by.

Her father’s colleagues found and arrested the people responsible, but they were set free by a technicality. This turn of events nearly destroyed her father and created a gap between them that has never properly been repaired. Teresa lost faith in the so called ‘justice’ system, turning her intellect and crafting skill towards seeking real justice.

She spent a full year preparing and building the gear she would need to bring her mother’s killers to justice. Months spent digging through refuse and hunting the parts in scrap yards to make her tools. With gear crafted, she hit the streets to seek out those responsible for her mother’s death.

Issue 0
Anger and hate can be great motivators, but only when tempered with determination and rationale. I did not rush out to hunt down my mother’s killers, I am smart enough to understand that thugs are better equip for violence then I. So I took my time, built my tools and honed my gift. Once I was ready, I tracked them, watched them, and then I brought them justice.

A gang of brutes armed with guns would normally have made me think twice. Luckily, I had a plan and a modified taser gun. I invaded their warehouse, shut down what meager security they had, and began my attack. I started by short circuiting the generator they had most likely stolen to give them power in their haven. Then, I went through them one by one, electric darts shocking each into submission as my kinetic shield deflected their bullets.

The leader was the only one to put up much of a fight, the martial artist wannabe managed to disarm me but found out that a fist is no better at bypassing a kinetic barrier then a bullet. I learned that my study of physics and mathematics made me a fairly good fighter, able to predict the angle and speed of my opponents attacks while delivering quick and accurate counter attacks. A study in anatomy and biology did wonders for helping me make up for my lack of physical strength. Dont care how weak you are, a well aimed punch to the solar plexus can still knock the air out of an opponent. We fought for less than a minute before a broke his jaw with a well timed hook, taking him off of his feet.

I hated them all, and my anger was so great that I almost did something I would have regretted. But no matter how much I hated them, my mother spent her life saving people, and killing in her name would be the greatest dishonor I could ever have served her memory. So I cut off their thumbs and index fingers and then cauterized the wounds so they wouldn’t bleed out. I would not kill, even to avenge my mother, but justice would be served if they never held a weapon again.

I called the police and figured the cops could actually get them placed in jail with all the stolen goods and drugs in the warehouse. Even if they fucked it up again, none of the gang would be firing a gun or holding a weapon properly for the rest of their lives. A fair punishment for being allowed to keep their lives and so that my mother’s memory remains untarnished.

Origin & Catalyst
Technopath (Generational)
A Death in the Family

Justice and Law Are Not The Same
Father – Detective John Ross

History 10
Technopath (Generational) 8
A Death in the Family 5
Justice and Law Are Not The Same 4
Honor Mother’s Memory 1
Father – Detective John Ross 1
Education 10
7+5+3+2+0+3+8 = 28

Strength 4
2 = 2

Dexterity 6
4 = 4

Constitution 5
3 = 3

Sense 10
Forensics 5
Lockpicking 5
Perception 5
Scrounging 5
8+7+7+7+7 = 36

Fortune 6
Bargain Finder 10
Intuition 6
4+12+8 = 24

Wisdom 10
Street Smarts 5
Study: Aliens 5
Study: Metahumans 5
8+7+7+7 = 29

Intelligence 15
Computers 5
Engineering 5
Repair 5
Research 5
Science 5
13+7+7+7+7+7 = 48

Mental 8
Concentration 6
Never Back Down 6
6+8+8 = 22

Expression 5
Forgery 5
3+7 = 10

28+2+4+3+36+24+29+48+22+10 – 185 = 21

Language (Binary Code) MI
Speed Reader MA
Tools (AT, Bug, Tracer, Elevator, HW) MA2 (-TY)
2+6+8 = 16

Powers Value
Technopathic Hyper Intellect 15
– Intelligence/Support Intelligence
Control (Machinery) MA
Expanded Control (Electronics) MA
Radius MA
Ranged MA
New Communication (Radio) MI
New Sense (Audiovisual Eyes and Ears) MI
New Sense (Electronics) MI
New Sense (Machinery) MI
New Sense (Radio) MI
Healing (Machines) MA
Regrow Limbs MA
Locked: Radius or Ranged MI
17+6+6+6+6+2+2+2+2+2 – 1 = 50

Gear Value
Scrap Tech Gauntlets
Integrated Weaponry 12
– Intelligence/Offense
Ranged TY
Blast TY
Defended By: Quickness MA
Devastating MA
– Boost Devastation MA
Limited Use (Reset 2) TY
Locked: Blast or Defended By MI
14+4+4+6+6 – 2 – 1 = 31/8 = MA4 = 24

Scrap Tech Shades
Heads Up Display 6
– Intelligence/Support Perception
Added Support: Forensics MA
Added Support: Forgery MA
New Sense (Motion Tracker) MI
New Sense (Ultraviolet) MI
New Sense (Infrared) MI
Secondary Role: Offense MA
– Full Role: Offense MA
8+2+6 = 16/8 = MA2 = 12

Heavy Metal Boots
Rocket Boots 6
– Intelligence/Support Movement (Flight)
New Movement (Flight) MA
– Boost Speed MA
– Rapid Acceleration MA
Evasion MA
Secondary Role: Defense MA
– Full role: Defense MA
Limited Use (1 Turn) TY
8+6+6 – 2 = 18/8 = MA2+MI = 14

Belt Emitter
Kinetic Shield 12
– Intelligence/Defense
Armor MA
Passive Defense MA
14+6+6 = 26/8 = MA3+MI = 20

Exo-Skin Suit
Physical Enhancement 10
– Intelligence/Support Strength
Added Support: Dexterity MA
Added Support: Constitution MA
12+6+6 = 24/8 = MA3 = 18

Enemy (Chimera) MA
Power Loss (Electromagnetic Pulse) MA
Secret ID (Dad’s a Cop) MI

Stamina 12
Will 6 (8)
Experience 100 / 100

16+50+24+12+14+20 – 50 – 7 = 79

Initiative: 26 (Intelligence 15 + Perception 5 + Intuition 6) Dice 4
Surprised Defense: 18 (Fortune 6 + Kinetic Shield 12) Dice 3 Armor 6
Normal Defense: 30 (Intelligence 15 + Rocket Boots 3 + Kinetic Shield 12) Dice 3 Armor 7
Mental Armor 4 (Research + Science + Study: Aliens + Study: Metahumans)

Defense Notes
Computers: +2 Armor vs Robots and AI
Concentration: +6 vs Environmental Penalties for Non-Combat Purposes
Intuition: Use as Supporting Characteristic for Surprised Defense for 1 Turn, 1 per Session
Perception: Use as Supporting Characteristic for Normal Defense for 1 Turn, 1 per Session
Street Smarts: +1 Armor to Active Defense in Urban Environments

Favored Attack: Shock Darts 30 (Intelligence 15 + Integrated Weaponry 12 + Heads Up Display 3) Dice 3 Range Medium Damage 5 Wounds Notes Defended by Quickness

Secondary Attack: Repulsor Blast 30 (Intelligence 15 + Integrated Weaponry 12 + Heads Up Display 3) Dice 3 Range Medium Damage 10 Wounds Notes Knocks prone 1 Range Increment away

Additional Attack: High Tech Brawler 18 (Intelligence 15 + Heads Up Display 3) Dice 3 Range Close Damage 4 Wounds

Additional Attack: Smart Fighter 15 (Intelligence 15) Dice 2 Range Close Damage 2 Wounds

Offense Notes
Education: Ally gains ½ Education as a Supporting Characteristic for 1 Action, 1 per Session
Engineering: 2 wounds vs Inanimate Objects
Forensics: Use as Supporting Characteristic for Bypass Armor and follow up Attack, 1 per Session
Forgery: Use as Meddling or Alter power, 1 per Session
Lock Picking: 29
4d6 vs Defense +10. disables 1 piece of Gear
Never Back Down: 0 Will for over 1 Turn, use as supporting Characteristic for any rolls, 1 per Session
Repair: Use as a Healing Power for Gear, 1 per Session
Scrounging: +1 Wounds with Improvised Weapons



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