Metahumans Rising

Super-science, magic, and Metahumans come together to create a rich comic book world uniquely it’s own and maintaining the hallmarks of the genre. Superheroes protect the world from mad mutants, evil organizations, bent on world domination, corrupt government groups that seek to control Metahuman or have them neutralized, and intergalactic conquerors seeking to harvest the Earth for their own reasons.

Using the Open Action System Players are able to create virtually any hero they can imagine. While rules for running individual heroes or creating their own world class superteam, the Open Action System is designed for fast creative play that rewards characters for their backgrounds, talents, and creativity.

The world of Metahumans Rising is what we will call Retro-Bronze. What does this mean? Before we can define Retro-Bronze it is important to address the actual Bronze Age.

The Bronze Age of Comics fell between 1970 and 1985. During this period comics saw a rise of socially relevant stories that addressed many real world issues. This was also a time that saw great focus in teams, and partner heroes dealing with larger threats which led to many iconic storylines. The Bronze Age was also saddled with untangling many of the strange stories and plot elements of the Silver Age which could be extremely silly at times.

Because Metahumans Rising is a Role-Playing Game without seventy plus years of ongoing stories it has the advantage of starting fresh. The Retro-Bronze world accepts the conventions established in the Gold, and Silver Age of Comics such as masked heroes and super criminals but sheds the forced stricture of the prior age, and the stories that were simply out of place to create a cohesive world, with tone and feel.

In the world of Metahumans Rising heroes and villains wear costumes for any number of reasons. The costume may be a source of the hero’s powers, or a means to contain it, armor, or a symbol to force villains to focus on them and not the beat cops who are in over their heads. Villains may be killers but heroes rarely are, and only in the most dire of circumstances. Why? Because, few people are willing to take the life of another, even when put in dire circumstances. That’s not to say there are no casualties, but that the deliberate taking of life outside of war, or other life or death situations.

The last decade has left the world without many of their greatest heroes. The threats continue to rise and the people call out for help. Can you become a hero for the next millennium? Rise up Metahuman. Your time is now.

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This game will be held over Skype, or G+ twice a month on Thursdays from 9:30 PM to 11:30 PM EST. These games may be recorded and published to the HouseDok website. The game uses a modified version of the Open Action System, the engine behind the game Fractured Kingdom

Metahumans Rising: Central City Stories

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